Today I started my busy sunday with an archery round for 3 hours. I thought I would only focus on writing about the 5 categories running/swimming/cycling/strength training/yoga, but I also decided now to include some selected other activities too. Especially when I feel like it’s relevant for the big picture about my training load.

r/basic/Beginner Strength Training

I was already quite tired after archery but I still stuck to my plan and did my strength training:


Set 1: 5x27.5kg Set 2: 5x27.5kg Set 3: 8x27.5kg

Bench Press

Set 1: 5x27.5kg Set 2: 5x27.5kg Set 3: 10x27.5kg

Barbell Row

Set 1: 5x35kg Set 2: 5x35kg Set 3: 8x35kg

Wahoo Systm “Getting Away With It”

To top it off I also did my Wahoo Kickr Core indoor training in the evening, and it felt really nice to stick to my plan and also ignore my tiredness and just do it, because I know that will happen many many times in the future of my planned journey. It was a nice workout, but those standing sections on the bike are KILLING my legs, it felt nice though to push through even though it hurt.