Today I was back at it, and with my 2nd baby “triathlon” again.

In the morning I did None To Run Week 3 Workout 1, which went pretty well, although I could tell that I’m not 100% fit again, but it was 95%. I especially liked that it was raining, because I like doing things not everybody does, I like when I’m “uncommon”, although I’m not uncommon amongst the uncommon yet (David Goggins reference).

In the afternoon I did a very easy&quick Wahoo Systm “The Wolfpack Insider: Tour Colombia”, which also was nice and I’ve used my ISM PN3.1 for the first time, I’m not sure yet how I feel about it, but I do think the numbness was better, although it’s hard to tell yet, because the workout was very short.

In the evening I did my last swim club swimming for this swim season (runs from Sept - May). It was also quite nice, and I tried to focus on my technique, but I realized again how difficult and technical swimming well&efficient really is, but I like that challenge and I want to improve bit by bit.