Today I did Wahoo Systm “The Way Out” and it was kinda the first tough workout, but not because of my heart rate, that was still mostly too low because my 4DP Profile probably isn’t accurate, but it was mostly because of pain from sitting on the bike and numbness, so I already practiced my mental strength with pushing through, and it felt good to push through.

In the evening I did my r/fitness Basic Beginner Routine:

Assisted Chinups (2 green rubber bands)

Set 1: 5 Set 2: 5 Set 3: 10

Overhead Press

Set 1: 5x21.25kg Set 2: 5x21.25kg Set 3: 8x21.25kg


Set 1: 5x42.5kg Set 2: 5x42.5kg Set 3: 11x42.5kg

On a side note, I’m not sure if I might be catching a cold, and it’s already on my mind a bit too much, because I already worry about possibly missed progress, because in a way my plan doesn’t really have much buffer, but I think I will be fine if I just skip some workouts if I really do get sick, especially right now when it’s still low volume entry program.

I like to think of it as a good opportunity to build my mindset, and improve my mental game, and just listen to my body in what I can do without harming my health and also in dealing with setbacks and challenges, because I’m sure there are many more to come in my future for my Ironman goal. Probably a lot of tougher ones too, but I can do it.