None to Run Week 2 Day 2 in the morning went well, and I’m already wondering about how the 90s intervals will be. I still enjoy running, I think even more so than when I did None to Run about 3 years ago.

In the afternoon I planned to do my Wahoo Systm Workout, but due to bad time management and slight procrastination I almost didn’t do it, but I realized that I need to be more determined and stick to my plan unless I have a good excuse, so in the evening I hopped on my Wahoo Kickr and did “The Bat” and I quite liked it. It made me realize how important Mental Training will be for my big goal, and I probably neglected it too much for now, but I will focus on it more and introduce it into my training sessions. Especially positive self talk. I also think that my 4DP-Profile definitely is off, because my heart rate was way below the suggested zone most of the time, and the 7/10 effort didn’t quite feel like 7/10 either. But I will stick to it for now, and with the Half Monty in the middle and Full Frontal at the end they will be adjusted anyway, and there’s still a lot of time left for hard workouts, I think it’s a good idea to start out slow and get used to it slowly.