Today I did my first Mini-Triathlon, kinda, in a way. It just so happened that today I had 3 workouts (planned).

In the morning I went for my “None To Run” run. Week 2 Day 1. It definitely felt tougher to run for 1 minute instead of 30s, especially because the first one was on a hill, but I still really liked it and it felt nice to have progress. I’m already looking forward to next week, with more progress (longer interval).

In the late afternoon I did a Wahoo Systm “Recovery Spin” for 30 mins, and that also already felt way better than the spin before. Although my seat bone still hurts, it’s already getting better, and it felt really nice to actually stay close in or to Zone 1. I can tell my cardiovascular system is already improving.

In the evening I did my weekly swim from my swim club, where I swam for one hour and it also felt quite good, to become more efficient and be able to swim for longer, and not go as hard, because it’s not a ego thing, it’s a training thing. Although I do have to admit that one is still hard for me, if somebody swims next to me who’s faster I usually also swim faster than I would otherwise.

So that in a way really was my first Mini triathlon. I really don’t think there has been a day in my life so far, where I actually did all 3 sports (running, cycling & swimming), with the intention of doing those. Let’s just slowly extend those mini triathlons into an Ironman in a little over 2 years.