Today I did the first longer version on my Wahoo Kickr Core, I did the Blender (Mini Version) and I’m particularly proud for doing it, because I had a long exhausting day, where I was on my feet a lot, but I still decided to kick ass, because my day isn’t over when I’m tired, but it’s over when I’m done.

The workout felt pretty good too, but I already think my 4DP profile might not be that accurate anymore, particularly for FTP, but I decided I will stick to it, until the next Half Monty Ramp test. I also realized that I’m really bad at generating power when standing, those sections absolutely killed my thighs after just a few seconds, I couldn’t finish the standing sections standing, I had to sit down. I’m already looking forward to improving that, and suffer through the pain more and add another second, and another, and another.

Today was the first time I used my new Wahoo Headwind, and that is awesome, I didn’t think at first that the difference would be so big, but it’s huge and really nice to cool down, especially with being set up automatically to adjust to HR. In a way I think that’s a gamechanger for my workouts in the future.