Today I got my first eMTB and I had to drive it home for around 25km. It felt nice in a way, but it was also more demanding than I thought and some doubts about me doing an Ironman came up for the first time, but at the same time I know it’s just practice for suffering and I know my current fitness level is pretty low.

Main reason for it was the pain in my sit bone and also the pain in my wrists toward the end. I pictured it easier than I was, but it still felt quite good at the end, to actually have done it and to now have that option to practice with some electric support.

It felt a little weird seeing many other cyclists with a normal bike and without electric support, I felt a little older than I am and like I might not belong to be an Ironman in the future, but I think that really just needs a mindset switch and I mainly bought the eMTB to run basic errands anyway. So it’s just an additional plus to be able to work out with some support and stay in more efficient training zones.

I didn’t wear my heart rate monitor and I also couldn’t connect to the eBike-Software yet, so my only tracking is basic Strava without any sensors.

After that I tried to stay hard and I stuck to my goal of doing a strength workout too. I did Workout B of r/fitness Basic Beginner Routine and it was quick and nice, although my muscles, especially my thighs are still pretty sore from Workout A and possibly cadence training from yesterday.

Assisted Chinups (2 green bands)

Set 1: 5 Set 2: 5 Set 3: 10

Overhead Press

Set 1: 5x20kg Set 2: 5x20kg Set 3: 7x20kg


Set 1: 5x40kg Set 2: 5x40kg Set 3: 7x40kg