Today I’ve started in the morning with None to run Week 1 Workout 2. It went pretty much the same like on Monday, but my legs were a bit sore from squats yesterday, but it wasn’t too bad yet and it felt nice to be running and the 30s jogging parts felt even slightly too short, my heart rate didn’t climb super high.

During the day the soreness of my legs came through more and more, but I liked that pain because I already know I will have get used to pain when I want to achieve my goal of finishing an Ironman.

In the afternoon I did my Wahoo Systm workout “Cadence Builds” and I was curious about my sore legs, but that wasn’t noticeable on the indoor bike trainer at all. It felt good to practice high cadence, and although there was still too much bouncing, I feel like it was a good practice. My butt still always hurts on the bike so I’m already looking forward to the ISM PN 3.1 saddle that I ordered and hope that it will make it better. Especially the numbness in my groin area, I want to keep healthy blood flow there ;-)